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About Us

Retire Congress North Dakota is a campaign to support a proposed amendment to the North Dakota state Constitution that would prohibit anyone from North Dakota aged 80 or older from being elected to Congress. We were approved to circulate petitions by the Secretary of State on July 21, 2023. Once the required signatures are obtained, the measure will be placed on the 2024 ballot for voters to decide the issue.

The proposed amendment would set a maximum of 80 years and states no person may be elected or appointed to serve a term or a portion of a term in the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives if that person would attain 81 years of age by December 31st of the year immediately preceding the end of the term. To read the full text of the proposed measure, click here.

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Why Age Limits for North Dakota?

Serving in Congress has become a lifelong occupation for many members. The median age in Washington, D.C. is far above the median age in America. Representing constituents, reviewing nominations, overseeing government agencies and international agreements demand mental alertness. Serving in Congress is both a mentally and physically strenuous role. With age comes health and cognitive decline, which invariably lead to absences and policy concerns. While these are sensitive topics, we’d be doing a disservice to our Republic by not discussing them. Some Congressmembers remain in office despite questionable cognizance. This also draws to question if these members, often capping multi-decade careers as politicians, are capable of understanding the issues of the day, or if they truly represent the best interests of their constituents?


Modern campaigns are very polished. Long term incumbents hide behind old pictures and heavily edited videos to give the impression of a younger, sharper person. The reality is much different with staffers visibly instructing obviously confused members how to vote and telling them where they are.


The average age of retirement in America is 64. Our measure will limit officials from North Dakota at the age of 80 – far above the retirement age in the military and many private corporations. Most Americans of advanced age retire, politicians should be no different.


It is worth noting that we already have age limits on Congress. The qualifications clause of the U.S. Constitution prohibits potential candidates from being elected for the U.S. Senate until they have reached 30 years old. It also prohibits candidates younger than 25 from being elected to the U.S. House. We have age limits on the lower threshold. It is clear that we need to set an upper age limit.


Many career politicians (and their career staff) are unwilling to give up their power. Voters want term limits and Congress won't do it. Age limits are not exactly the same issue as term limits, but obviously something must be done. We're taking this responsible action because politicians won't – and voters are on our side.


Congress will not act on this issue despite how important it is to the American people and our nation. We believe that North Dakota is obligated to take the lead by setting age limits for members of Congress.

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